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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a Pinsound, can I buy only the SD card to play the game?

    No, our kit works with a modified Pinsound not a normal Pinsound XL

  • Can I play the the original game with this kit installed?

    Yes, the kit is included which allows the original game as well as the 2.0 game to be played.

  • Does the original game work in other languanges?

    Yes sure!

  • Does the 2.0 game work in other languanges?

    No, the 2.0 game is only available in English

  • I have a Pinsound shaker can I use it with the kit? Is the Shaker coded in the new 2.0 game?


  • Where can I get a 2.0 Shaker?

    You can purchase it from Pinsound or Pedretti Gaming

  • Who played/performed Rudy's voice?

    Marc Silk a well-known voice artist

  • How much time does it take to install the 2.0 kit?

    More or less 1h for not-professional customers 

  • Can I have another size of T-shirt?

    No, sorry, it’s one-size only